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Tuesday, Sep 4, 10:23AM EDT
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 Single - Female
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 Aquarius (Horse)
 5 ft 6 in / 168-169 cm
 130 lbs / 59 kg
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I am a very outgoing person, who loves, and really enjoys having a little fun. I want to get to know each and every person on here,who comes in contact with me. I want to know your fetishes are;what really turns you on and gets you going hard! I want to have fun, get kinky and dripping wet for ya'll, and watch ya'll get turned on which turns me on as well! I love music, I love to dance, and I love to watch a mans melting, drooling all over my hot sexy body! I am a young but very hot, sexy ass single mom of one; which I do it all on my own, by myself with no help! I also want to spice things up a little and do some kind of roll playing or something. Willing to try anything more so if I have never tried it before!
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"Let's watch each other as we being to touch and get off....."

Turn Ons

What my turn on's are is having my ass played with, fucked, and even licked as well. I love it when a man rubs my hole body down from head to toes from to back with some kind of lotion, or even oils; and it turns me on more than any other thing. I love it when a man puts my boobs in there mouth, and suck, or lick on my ears! I love watching a man get so worked up from watching me is a major turn on as well! I love seeing how much of the guys cock that I can take at once. I love sticking a mans cock in my mouth while i rub his balls in between my fingers(visa versa). If I know that the guy just got out of the shower, then I'll slide my tongue across his ass hole. I love getting fucked in my ass. I also like getting chocked, spanked, tied up, and pretending that I am asleep or getting rapped. I love watching porn with the guy, and I play with myself and watch him play with himself(visa versa).

Turn Offs

What are big major turn off's for me are, if a man calls me his dirty little whore while we are fucking. I hate when a guy is trying to be loud(or make you loud), trying to show off for whoever is around at that moment in time. I can't stand it for a man to pull my hair, or even watch hours worth of porn before he fucks me, and then after; whenever he gets done messing with me. I cant stand for a man to either be getting his dick sucked or maybe even fucking you and he is watching t.v. , or he has his thumb in his mouth sucking on it. I also cant stand when there sucking there thumb while there rubbing their nipples. I would hate for a man to chock me until I pass out and him still on top with his dick inside of me.

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Monday:  9am - 5am est
Tuesday:  9am - 5am est
Wednesday:  9am - 5am est
Thursday:  9am - 5am est
Friday:  1am - 7am est
Saturday:  7am - 5am est
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